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Monday, 18 March 2013

Bedford Physical Training College during WW1 & WW2

In Bedford in 1903 pioneering educationalist, Margaret Stansfeld, established a College for
young women to become teachers of Physical Training. An unknown part of the history
of the College concerns their activities during the World Wars. The Heritage Lottery
Fund, All Our Stories, is supporting a project to produce a DVD which tells this story,
a tale which reveals the sense of community and spirit that emerged at the College in
Bedford during both World Wars.

Who are we?
We are a group of lay people interested in the history of Bedford, soldiers, Bedford
Physical Training College, women’s history and social history, poetry, story telling. We
welcome anyone who would like to join us in the project.

Can you add to the story?
Do you know anyone who has memories of Bedford PT students or staff during the
WW2, or was your grandfather or great grandfather a soldier from Bedford? We’d love
to hear from you.

Latest News
We have traced former students who were at the College during World War 2 and
have recorded their memories and are presently researching local Archives to find out
more about regiments, including the Highlanders, who came to Bedford during the
World Wars.   

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  1. This is a fascinating project and I wish you every success with your researches. Looking forward to viewing the DVD when it's done!

  2. What an interesting project. I look forward to following the stories that emerge. Good luck!
    Anne (we met at Chrissie's house).

    1. Thanks so much for your encouragement! Please come back from time to time and check how we are doing.

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